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This one I entered into a contest for No Sense of Sin. _nsos.It's not over yet, but I have 19 out of 20 so I think the judges think it's good.

I like the concept of the story, I'm just not sure if I'm entirely happy with the way I wrote it.

Title: What Goes On Off-Screen
Band: Mest
Pairing: Tony/Jere
Rating: NC-17
Author: x_wolverine_x
Summary: Jeremiah's not exactly thrilled about Tony's new movie...

This is the picture we had to base our stories off of.


“And, action!”

I shudder at the sight before me. My boyfriend’s tongue creeping into his best friend’s mouth, the sweaty sex scene they are beginning to shoot. Sure, it may be hot to every other person, but it bothers me that Benji got the part in the movie. I mean, I’m happy for him, but I should be in his place. After all, Tony is my boyfriend.

“This is too weird, Jere.” Tony says as he flops down beside me on the hotel room floor. I look over to him and I can’t help but smile. His mohawk is matted flat to his head, sweat is dripping down his body, his breathing is heavy and laboured; he looks exactly how he does after we have sex.

“What? Don’t you enjoy playing tonsil hockey with your best friend?” I smirk at him.

He laughs, “Not particularly.”

“How much longer do you have to film? Are you anywhere near finished?”

“Yeah, I mean, we’ve been filming every day for the past month, and I think we only have one or two scenes left. I know we have to do the one where Skiba has an axe and he’s gotta…”

I glance across the room, not really listening to what Tony’s saying. I’m concentrating more on Benji and Billy. They appear to be having a good time, I mean when there’s someone sitting on your lap fucking sucking on your neck, it’s kind of hard not to enjoy yourself. But that’s beside the point.

I’m wondering now, how Billy is so accepting of this whole movie. I know I’m jealous, so why isn’t he? Maybe the thought of his boyfriend fucking his best friend turns him on. It sure as hell doesn’t turn me on. I should be the only one with Tony. I guess I’m just the typical jealous boyfriend.

“…not enough money to finish and they’re all freaking out and stuff so…”

I guess I have a right to be jealous, I mean Tony and I have been together for a really long time. I look back to Benji and Billy, and it reminds me of Tony and I. We’re a lot like that, where we can hardly keep our hands off each other.

And now pictures of us fucking are flashing through my mind. Sweaty bodies, skin on skin, sloppy kisses, Tony screaming my name, hot sticky cum all over the place, just pure smut. And now I’m hard thinking about us. Fuck I want Tony. Now.

“…can’t pay them, so I’m like pay them in man love, cause money’s hollow…”

“Tony,” I interrupt, “Let’s go.”



I hiss as Tony shoves me against the wall, his tongue plunging into my mouth. I bring my hands to his face, stroking the sides, and playing with his hair. Our mouths are gaping, and our tongues are battling for space in my mouth. He swirls his tongue around mine, then draws it across my lower lip.

He moans as I claw at his belt, frantically removing his pants. His sweaty chest rubs against mine as he reaches behind me to pull off my boxers. I gasp when he suddenly slips a finger inside me.

He grins at me and starts to pump his finger in and out, working in another one. I throw my head back moaning, then there’s the thump of my head connecting with the wall.

“Christ Jere you okay?”
I nod and he dives to my neck, licking, biting, and sucking wherever he can. I let out a long breathy moan when he slips a third finger inside me.

“Mmmm fuck Tone, that feels so fucking good.”

The want, the need, the sweat, the sloppy kisses, I can’t take this anymore. I lead him onto the bed and I lay down on top of him. I kiss a trail down his chest, and he’s moaning, chest heaving, gasping for air.

I get up off Tony and he whimpers.

“Relax Tone, I’m just getting the lube.”

And in a flash I’m back on top of Tony, kissing his naval. I blindly squirt the lube into my palm and chuck the bottle across the room. Grabbing his cock, I slowly stroke up and down his shaft, smirking as I watch him toss his head back in pleasure.

“Ugh, Jere just…just…DO IT ALREADY!” he shouts.

I climb up and straddle him, slowly easing his cock inside me.

“Uhh, fuck yeah Jere.”

I pull up and slam down hard and he screams. I start to get a rhythm going, moaning uncontrollably at the way he’s making me feel.

“Fuh…uh….FUCK Jere! Fucking…..ugh….fucking RIDE ME!” He kept screaming for me, so I kept bouncing harder in his lap.

He begins to thrust up into me, sending waves of pleasure through both our bodies. Then, he hit that spot…that fucking spot inside me and fuck it feels so good!

And as if I’m not close enough, he grabs my cock and starts forcefully jerking me off. And I’m losing it, awe fuck I’m losing it.

“Tone…cumming…awe…can’t…last…” My balls begin to throb as my orgasm starts flowing through me. I feel my stomach muscles clench, and begin to tingle as the pleasure overtakes me. My hips jerk forward and I slam my eyes shut, groaning at the sensation, and releasing onto his chest.

“Mmmm Jere here I…oh god…MIAH!”

My eyes shoot open to see Tony beneath me; eyes squeezed shut, jaw ajar, chest pumping for air.
His hips thrust up into me and I feel him release inside me. He throws his head back, arches his back and digs his fingers into the mattress as he screams for me.

I lean down and grasp either side of his face, giving him a sloppy yet loving kiss. I slide off him and collapse beside him. He leans his head on my chest and my eyes fall shut.

“I love you Jere”

“Love you too Tone.”


I laugh quietly to myself at the scene they’re shooting. Matt has an axe, and he’s advancing on Tony from behind, like a cheesy rendition of American Psycho. Only Matt looks like an alien.

Tony screams when he comes face-to-face with E.T, and right on cue Benji bursts into the room.

“Benj! Make it go away! I’m too pretty to die!”

And now I’m trying to hold in my laughter. He did not just say that. I stare at Tony, trying so hard not to laugh. He looks so helpless and scared, it’s quite amusing.

Oh look, now Benji’s all covered in blood, and how convenient, Mr. Spaceman Skiba is gone. I’m going to take a wild guess and say that Benji, weaponless, heroically fought the martian, who was armed with an axe, all for his precious Tony. And now Benji’s dying because that’s what happens when you take on an axe murderer from Neptune. How predictable.

Next, Benji’s going to die, and Tony’s going to cry, and boo hoo, the end. I hate this.

“And cut!”

I chuckle as Tony sits down next to me.

“I’m too pretty to die? You know, Mulder and Scully would be ashamed of you guys. I mean, what’s with Skiba? He looks like an alien.”

He laughs too.

“Yeah, well…too bad. If it bothers them that much, they can take all their alien friends and come kick my ass. Now come on Jere, I’m horny and I want you. So let’s go, yo.”

“Yeah, whatever you say, T-Dawg. Let’s roll yo.”

And now we’re laughing as Tony drags me by the hand, out of the room.

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