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OKay this next one's a little weird...I wrote for an English assignment where we had to write an "objective observer" piece. This was mine. I got 84%.

Title: I Won't Drink Tonight
Band: New Found Glory
Pairing: None
Rating: PG-13 (well, we can't be vulgar in school projects now can we?)
Author: x_wolverine_x
Summary: The effects of alcohol, and what it leads to...(not sex!)
Disclaimer: Same as every other disclaimer

Note: It can be seen from anyone's point of view.

Laughter. The contagious sound of people having a good time. The television wasn’t very loud, but we watched it intently. The pizza had just arrived, and we enjoyed it with a good movie. There were four of us. Jordan, a very close friend of mine, along with two others I knew, but wasn’t close to. Mike and Tom were their names.

I won’t drink tonightt I thought to myself. We do this every week. I need to stop drinking. There was no alcohol in the house yet, so I was relieved.

Suddenly the front door swung open and a crowd of people entered the house. There must have been about six of them. None of whom I recognized. Jordan looked just as surprised as I was.

‘I hope you guys don’t mind, I invited a few friends’ Mike said. Three more people came in, each holding three cases of beer. I recognized one of them as Tony, an old acquaintance of mine.

Slowly the cases emptied. So much for staying sober. More and more people entered the house, each one joining us. A keg of beer arrived, and another, and then another. Four more hours passed before Jordan and I decided to leave. I made my way out the door, and walked onto the sidewalk. I was surprised I could walk as well as I did.

‘Heyy…’ I heard a slurred voice from behind me. It was Jordan in his jeep.

‘Heyy maan…are, are you…surrre you’re okay to…drive man?’ I asked, and began laughing at how drunk I sounded. Jordan laughed too. Then he sped off down the street. He didn’t answer me.

I turned the corner and flinched from what I saw up ahead. Those lights…they’re so bright…and that ringing…it’s too loud…ow…my head hurts. I need to stop drinking. As I got closer to the lights and the ringing, I realized what was going on. They were sirens. It was an ambulance, and a few police cars. No, it couldn’t be… Then came a loud scream, which rang all too loudly in my ears. Ow! My head… I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw it clearly. Two smashed vehicles. People crying and panicking, and beds on wheels. Wait, those are…stretchers?Four of them. My heart stopped when I recognized one of the vehicles.

Jordan’s jeep. I ran as best I could to the crash.

‘Jordan!’ I screamed. I flinched again as a shock wave of pain rang in my head, and I stumbled trying to find him. Ow! Okay don’t scream. Jordan…where are you? Please God let him be okay. I was stopped short by a police officer. He motioned me away. I started walking home, not wanting to cause trouble. Thoughts and worries flooded my mind. Is he dead? Why didn’t I stop him from driving? It’s all my fault. Ow! What was that? I was interrupted by a sharp, burning pain in the side of my head. Ow, this hurts too much. I need to stop drinking.

I was awoken by a loud ringing beside my ear. My head…ouch it’s too loud. Wait, that’s the telephone.

‘Mmhello?’ I moaned into the receiver. It was the police. They informed me of all of last night’s events. Jordan was killed instantly. In the other car, there was a woman, twenty-two years old, with two young children, ages one and four. The woman was killed instantly, and the children died in the hospital. I hung up the phone as tears streamed down my cheeks. He’s gone. And I could have stopped it. If only I hadn’t let him drive! If only we didn’t drink. If only Tony didn’t bring the beer. If only, if only. But it’s too late. He’s gone. My head hurts.

Laughter. The contagious sound of people having a good time. The pizza just arrived, and we were enjoying it while a movie was playing. I won’t drink tonight. We do this every week. The door swung open, and in walked Tony, along with a few other people, each holding three cases of beer. A few tears began to trickle down my cheek. I stood up and pushed past the new arrivals. I turned onto the sidewalk and began walking home. My best friend is dead. So are three other innocent young people. I won’t drink tonight. I WON’T drink tonight.
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