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Chapter 3

The blonde guitarist groaned loudly as a harsh thumping began in his forehead. He had perhaps had a little too much sugar to drink the previous night, and he was greatly regretting it now. He reached up and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, last night’s events flooding his mind. He remembered how uncomfortable Mike was the rest of the night, knowing that he would soon be taking advantage of one of his best friends. Lee felt a small pang of guilt for putting his lover through this, but he knew all would be well when they achieved their goals.

The pounding headache got the best of Lee, so he crawled out of bed and staggered into the bathroom, throwing open the medicine cabinet and grabbing a bottle of aspirin. He dumped two into his hand and popped them in his mouth, then leaned over the sink and drank from the tap, swallowing the pain killers.

He brought his head up to study himself in the mirror. His blonde bed head was worse than usual, and his eyes were red and slightly puffy. He knew he was a mess, so he decided to take a quick shower before Mike woke up. He turned on the taps and stripped himself bare before hopping in the stall.

Mike lay awake in his bed listening to the water run, an army of thoughts invading his mind. Why Ian? He’s upset and weak, and something like this could only make things worse. As much as Mike loved Lee, and wanted him to be happy, he just couldn’t come to terms with the idea of seducing his best friend. He dreaded confronting Lee, as he knew an argument would come out of it, but despite his dread, he waited for the blonde man to re enter the room.

Mike looked up from his pillow to the man entering the room, clad in nothing but a flimsy white towel hanging dangerously low on his hips. How dare he be so sexy. Mike would never win the debate with his lover looking like that. Wet hair, slick skin, fresh and clean smell, a towel just begging to be ripped off…it wasn’t fair. Mike had to give Lee props though; he sure knew how to get what he wanted.

The two men stared at each other for a few moments before the silence was finally broken by Lee.

“Mike, I know what you’re thinking. And I understand why you think it’s a bad idea, but honestly we’re not going to find anyone more perfect than him. You and I both know he’s very attractive, and from what I’ve heard from his ex-girlfriend, he’s spectacular in bed.”

Mike held up his hand, gesturing for Lee to stop, “But he’s our best friend, Lee. None of that matters…it will only make things worse.”

“Or,” Lee smirked, an idea forming in his head, “it will be the best experience of his life.” Mike gave him an unconvinced look. “Think about it. He’s upset, broken-hearted, and he just wants somebody to love him. We could give him that escape, even if it’s only for one night.”

Mike paused. He knew Lee was going to get his way. Mike hated the fact that he agreed with what Lee had just stated, and he desperately wanted to call it off, but he found himself nodding. “Do you really think it will turn out like that?”

Lee smiled and leaned down to kiss Mike’s forehead, whispering, “I know it will.” Mike nodded and sighed, agreeing to carry out the blonde’s plan. Satisfied, Lee turned and began to get dressed.

“So what comes next?”

Lee looked back from the closet, and thought for a moment, “You have to seduce him.”

“And how would you like me to do that?”

The blonde shrugged and continued to shuffle through his clothes. “I don’t know, ask him out on a date.”

Mike sat up, slightly frustrated. “How am I supposed to do that? I can’t just ask him next time I see him, he’ll say no.”

“So get him to think you like him. When you two are alone, kiss him, or something. Get him intrigued.”

Mike sighed, knowing this was going to be no easy task. He threw his legs over the edge of the bed and pulled himself to his feet. He trudged over to the closet, pulling out a pair of ripped jeans and a t-shirt that didn’t look particularly clean. He began to put them on when he heard a voice from deep within the walk-in-closet.

“No, no, no! You can’t wear those!” Lee snatched the clothes from Mike and tossed them aside, earning a confused expression from the younger man. “You’ll never win him over if you’re wearing rags! Go get a shower and we’ll pick out something that will make Ian drool. Now go, go!” Lee quickly ushered him out of the closet and towards the shower. Lee waited until he heard the water running before returning to his search for the perfect outfit.

Drying his hair with a towel, Mike entered the room clad in nothing but his boxers. He looked to Lee who was styling his already gorgeous hair and asked, “What do I wear?” Lee pointed to the bed, where his clothes were neatly laid out. He quietly thanked him and began to dress. When he had finished he walked over and stood beside the blonde. “How do I look?”

Lee turned and let his eyes drift downwards, then back up and he smiled. “Perfect.”

Mike kissed his cheek, “That’s because you picked it out.” Lee smirked and finished moulding his hair, exiting the room. Mike quickly followed, “What are we doing today?” Lee didn’t answer, he just headed straight for the telephone, and began dialing. Mike observed the numbers and figured it was Jamie that he was calling.

“Hey, it’s Lee.” Mike watched and listened intently to the one-sided conversation. “We should do something today…yeah, he needs it…all right. Call the others and I’ll meet you there? … Okay, later.” Lee hung up the phone and grabbed Mike’s hand, pulling him to the front door. “Get your shoes on, love. We’re going to Ian’s.”

Mike gulped and slid his converse on, “Does that mean I have to kiss him today?” Lee nodded and the two left the house, beginning the short walk to Ian’s apartment, Mike chewing nervously on his lip the whole trip.

Mike broke his staring contest with the floor to see a lifeless-looking Ian open the door. Mike’s heart tore in two when he saw the dejected expression; it hurt him endlessly to see his best friend in such a state. The singer attempted a smile, failing miserably, and was greeted with a hug from the blonde. He whispered hello before removing his shoes and stepping out of the way. Mike gently embraced Ian and held him in silence, absentmindedly rubbing the singer’s back.

Oh Mike, you’re good… Lee smirked to himself. He knew Mike would have no trouble winning Ian’s affection.

Mike stood holding Ian for quite some time. He felt a strange comfort, and was sure that Ian felt it too; they both hugged with a level of relaxation. The two have been friends since early childhood, and have always found solace in one another. But something was eating at Mike; he felt horribly guilty, as if this act of condolence was really an act of depravity. He knew fully well that it wasn’t, but his mind wouldn’t give up.

“Alright, I think you two have fondled enough for one day.” Mike’s eyes snapped open and he felt Ian lift his head off his shoulder. He turned around to find Jamie, followed by Stu and Mike C in the doorway. He unwillingly let go and allowed the others to greet the gloomy singer.

After a few minutes of consoling Ian, they decided an outing would be appropriate. “But where should we go?” Stuart asked, “Do you want to go to like, the carnival, or something?”

Lee piped up, “Yeah, it would be a great way for Ian to get his mind off of things.” The blonde smirked inwardly, knowing full well that Ian would never agree to it. As if on cue, Ian shook his head.

“You guys go ahead. I don’t want to go.” The majority of the boys frowned, and offered to change their destination, but Ian persisted. “It’s cool. I need some alone time to think.”

Little Mike frowned, not wanting Ian to be alone, and at the same time knowing this would be a perfect opportunity for him to carry out Lee’s plan. “I’ll stay back then, too.” Ian looked at him surprised, while Lee stood grinning. Eventually everyone exited the apartment and Ian and Mike were left alone.

The guitarist looked to his left as he heard the singer take a deep breath. He walked over and slid his arm around Ian’s shoulders, leading him into the living room. Ian sat quietly on the couch and Mike knelt in front of him, gently placing a hand on the singer’s knee. “Why don’t we watch a movie or something? What do you say?”

Ian raised his glance from the guitarist’s hand to his eyes and nodded slowly, pointing to a stack of DVDs atop the television. Mike stood up and browsed through the selections, deciding on Pirates of the Caribbean. He placed the disc in the player, hit play and moved to sit back down next to Ian. The singer sighed and lay his head on the guitarist’s shoulder, and mumbled, “she thinks I’m gay”.

Mike’s eyes widened involuntarily, and he had to use every ounce of strength in him not to grin. Maybe this would be easier than he’d thought.

The movie carried on, and by the end of it, the boys were lying half asleep, and very content. Mike was leaned against the arm rest, his arm around the singer, who’s head was resting on his chest and his body sprawled across the cushions. Mike hesitantly lifted a hand to gently stroke Ian’s hair, and the singer released a comfortable sigh.

In a quiet whisper, Mike asked the other man, “Feeling any better?” Ian lifted his head to look up at Mike, and he smiled weakly, nodding his head slowly. Mike’s mind raced a thousand miles a minute, and he bit his lower lip, ignoring all reason and leaned in, pressing his lips to Ian’s.
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