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Finally updated the damn thing..

Yeah. So. I pulled a disappearing act, but I'm back..mostly.

"Hello San Diego!" The voices of the group raised in volume, blending together to create the roar of an excited crowd. "How the hell are you guys?" Mike chuckled as the screams boomed; quite the loud crowd tonight. He looked over at the blonde guitarist, and motioned him over.

"So, what kind of person do we have in mind here?"

Lee shrugged, "I don't know, I guess it'd be best if they were easy going and open minded." Mike heaved a sigh. "But it's going to be hard to tell that just by looking at them."

Mike nodded, "My thoughts exactly. Any preferences appearance-wise, my dear?" Lee shook his head.

"Not really. Well…a guy would be preferable…" Mike snorted. "Maybe with brown hair, around our height, tanned, in fairly good shape-"

"Knows how to cook, likes and has experience with children, listens to good music, knows how to play guitar, is extremely creative, enjoys the rain, long walks on the beach, holding hands-"

"Okay sorry Mike, Christ! I get it." Mike laughed at Lee's annoyed expression.

"Well it's just you were saying how you don't really care what he looks like, but then you started naming off things and it got…okay, fine. Sorry Lee, I'll stop." Lee smiled and Mike stepped towards him and leaned over…

"Mike! Lee! Are you two done?" Mike looked past Lee to and amused looking bassist. He shifted his glance to the audience, all of which were staring at him. Lee turned around and laughed.

"Yes mother, we're done now." He smiled sweetly, and they began the show.

"Thanks, man" Mike gratefully accepted the towel passed his way by Tom, one of the roadies. Sweat was pouring off every inch of his skin, and he wanted nothing more than to hop into a nice, cold shower. He walked into the lounge area, and was greeted with a hug by Lee.

Lee leaned over and whispered into Mike’s ear, “See anyone you like?” Mike stepped back and smirked at Lee. “Besides me, genius.” They both chuckled and Mike allowed his eyes to scan the room. Unfortunately, He didn’t see anyone of interest.

“I don’t know, Lee. No one’s really appealing to me.”

“What about, brown hair? Behind me?” Mike looked over Lee’s shoulder to a teenaged boy with shaggy brown hair sitting on a couch. He was fairly attractive, Mike had to admit, but he wasn’t too sure about this. He shrugged, and motioned for Lee to go ahead. The blonde shrugged and walked over to the boy, sitting down beside him.

Mike laughed at Lee’s forward-ness, and left to find a drink of water. He entered the dressing room, and froze when he laid eyes on the singer, huddled in the middle of the floor, his back to the door. Mike dropped his towel to the ground, and knelt down beside him, cautiously wrapping an arm around the singer’s shoulders. “Ian?” he whispered, “Ian, what happened?”

The singer shook his head, and tried to shrug Mike’s arm off his shoulder. “Nothing.” Ian said, his voice raw and quiet. Mike sighed and gently hugged him.

“I won’t force you to tell me, Ian. But you know I’m here for you.”

Ian nodded and rested his head on Mike’s shoulder. “Not now.” The two men sat on the floor together for a few minutes, before Jamie and Mike C. entered the room. They looked rather confused before Mike spoke up.

“I found him alone and on the ground like this. I don’t know what’s wrong with him.” There was a momentary pause before Jamie turned and went to find Stu and Lee. Mike C. leant down and gently rubbed the singer’s back.

“Can we just get a couple pitchers of coke please?” The waiter nodded and left the guys to themselves. All attention was turned to Ian, who sat slouched and nearly lifeless in his seat. Nothing but silence was heard from the singer, until well after the soda had arrived.

Ian sighed heavily after taking a large swig of his drink. “She dumped me. It’s over.” The others were shocked, to say the least. Ian and his girlfriend had been together for 6 or so months, and it appeared that they had gotten along wonderfully.

A round of wow’s and I’m sorry’s were passed around the table, and Ian began his story just as another pitcher arrived. “I don’t even know what happened, really. This morning she called me, and told me that she’d lost her feelings for me, and that she’d found someone else, or something.”

There was another awkward pause before Lee spoke. “Shit, Ian. I’m so sorry. But you know what, she wasn’t the right girl. You’ll find someone else soon enough.” The others agreed, and Ian nodded sadly.
“Now, if you’ll excuse me, I really need to piss.” Lee stood up from the booth, nodding slightly towards Mike L. Mike excused himself as well and followed Lee to the washrooms. Mike locked the door behind him, and turned to face his boyfriend.

Lee stepped forward and ran a hand through Mike’s hair, kissing him gently. He pulled back and entwined his fingers with Mike’s. “First, remember that kid with the brown hair from earlier?” Lee asked.

“Yeah, why? What happened?”

Lee chuckled. “Well, it turned out he was a little too young.”

“How old was he?”


Mike laughed, “Well there goes that plan.”

Lee looked away, chewing on his lip. “Not necessarily, Mike…I have someone else in mind.”

Mike’s expression changed to a confused one. “What? Who? Did you meet someone else backstage or something?”

Lee paused and looked back to Mike. “Well, he’s a perfect candidate, and he’ll be easy to seduce. He’s heartbroken, upset, and vulnerable,”

Mike furrowed his eyebrows. “You can’t be serious, Lee.” Lee nodded.

“Please, Mike. I really want this. He’s perfect.”

Mike shook his head, suddenly feeling sick. Ian.

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