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Yay! New story! It's Lost Prophets slash...

Title: Cruel Intentions
Rating: NC-17 (eventually)
Summary: I'm beginning to think losing Ian is a sign. Maybe what we're doing is wrong.

Peering through his half-open eyes, Mike Lewis winced as the offending light rays filtered through the blinds, casting parallel shadows on the opposite wall. The white room was unhealthily bright at the moment, and the guitarist made a mental note to buy dark, thick curtains for future mornings. As he rolled over and reached for the bedside table, he was stopped abruptly and felt a sudden rush of heat spread over his chest.

He cast his eyes downward, and was greeted with a stunningly beautiful sight. Perfectly sculpted eyebrows slightly furrowed on the other man's brow, his eyelashes fluttering against his cheeks. His exquisite lips were drawn into a sexy pout, and strands of blonde hair stuck out in every possible direction. Indeed, this man was beauty in itself. Mike's eyes traveled downwards to the man's chest, continuing down his thin frame to his navel. Mike smiled to himself when his eyes reached the duvet, which was barely concealing the blonde man's naked groin; a reminder of the passion-filled events which had occurred the previous night.

It was mornings like these when Mike would realize how lucky he truly was. He had a successful career making music with his best friends, which was entirely blissful in itself. Mike had a passion for music, and the fact that he was able to fulfill his passion for a living amazed him. Now, not only was Mike blessed with a successful band, he had a wonderful relationship with a loving boyfriend. The two had an electric connection, and were inseparable.

To the rest of the world, the boys were simply best friends, and it hurt them to have to lie to the band. But it was necessary, because Mike knew the rest of the boys wouldn't approve. They would argue that if - God forbid - there was a break-up, the band would fall apart. This wasn't necessarily true, but it was entirely possible. Mike knew what he had gotten in to, but he cared too much for his lover. And besides, he wasn't planning on breaking up with said lover anytime soon.

Mike and his boyfriend had been dating for quite some time now, eleven months and four days to be exact. The love that Mike shared was incredibly strong, so strong that if his lover said he wanted a severed head on his wall, Mike would gladly take a machete to the neck. (Well, maybe that was a little extreme, but at least you get the point…that being Mike is very much in love with his boyfriend.)

Mike giggled at the thought of his head nailed to the bedroom wall, but was interrupted by movement beside him. He looked to the blonde's contorted face, and his fluttering eyelids, which were adjusting to the evil mass of light. Mike giggled again and reached for his sunglasses, putting them on the smaller man's face.

"Mmm, thanks babe. Oh, good morning by the way."

"Morning asshole." Mike leaned down and kissed 'asshole's' forehead. "Have a good sleep?"

"You know it."

Reaching over the edge of the bed, Mike pulled on a pair of boxers and sat up.

"And just where do you think you're going?"

A cheeky smile spread over Mike's face. "I THINK I'm going to go make you breakfast." The blonde raised an eyebrow.

"Not without my morning kiss you aren't."

"Is that so?"

"Why, yes it is oh bright one."

"Well, I seem to think otherwise." And with that, Mike jumped up out of bed and raced out of the room, his boyfriend right behind him. Mike ran beelines all throughout the house, but was soon enough tackled by the blonde man. Mike flailed his arms and legs, trying to escape his boyfriend's death grip.

"Surrender to the wrath of your lover!"


"I'll help with the cooking if you kiss me!"

Mike immediately stopped moving, then smiled and lightly pressed his lips to the blonde's.

"Okay. That works. I'll be downstairs in a minute babe."

"Yeah, yeah. You better be." Mike kissed him again as they stood up.

They parted ways and Mike entered the kitchen. He stood with the refrigerator door open, pondering what to make. He decided homemade pancakes - Lee’s favourite - would be appropriate. He pulled out two eggs and set them on the counter. When he reached for the milk, two arms encircled his waist, knocking his arm in the process. Milk was splattered all over Mike’s bare stomach. He turned around in his lover’s arms and glared into his eyes.

"You. Are. So. Dead." Mike gritted his teeth.

Lee backed away looking rather intimidated, "Baby, I….I'm sorry….I didn't mean to hit the m-"

Mike closed his eyes and took a deep breath, "I know, I know. I just…okay. I won't waste any more milk on you." Lee smiled as Mike set the milk down.

"So! What's for breakfast? Are you making pancakes for me? Because if you are, I love you!"

"No, I'm not making pancakes," Lee's face fell, but Mike just laughed, "We're making pancakes."

"Oooh I love you Mikey!" The blonde boy jumped forward and planted a big, wet kiss on Mike's cheek. Mike giggled and wiped his cheek.

"Love you too asshole."

So the boys set off to work making their precious pancakes. Lee cracked the eggs and mixed them in with the milk and flour, while Mike added the salt, sugar, oil, and other various products to make it taste good. While Lee was cooking the last pancake, Mike eyed the leftover mixture. He reached for the syrup, but "accidentally" shoved the pancake mix towards Lee, spilling it all over his stomach and boxers.

"Bastard!" Lee shrieked. "That's fucking cold!"

Mike doubled over in laughter but was stopped short when Lee smeared pancake mix all over his face.

"Ah! Lee…stop!" Both were covering the other in the remaining pancake mix, laughing all the while.

Soon, all pancake mix was used up, and was starting to dry on their skin. Lee suddenly stood up, causing Mike to fall off his lap.

"What the hell, Lee?"

"The pancake!" Lee screamed as he flipped it over, only to discover it was pitch black and hard as rock. "Fuck fuck fuck!"
Mike shook his head as he stood up. He linked his arms around Lee's waist and kissed the blonde's shoulder.

"What happened my love?" Lee pouted.

"I burnt it."

"Awe darling it's alright," Mike pointed to the large stack of pancakes on the counter, "We still have plenty." Lee turned around and kissed the tip of Mike's nose.

"Let's eat!"


"… walked over to her and I tapped her on the shoulder, and when she turned around she had this menacing look on her face, but when she noticed it was me she got all scared! So I was like, 'Yo bitch. You got something to say?' And she…"

Mike stood up and cleared the table while half-listening to Lee bitch about his outing with Jamie.

"…I go 'You got a problem with my friend here? Cause if you do I'll rip your face off!' And then Jamie's like 'Lee! Dude! Leave her alone man! Let her have a problem with me! I don't care!' And then I'm like 'No Jamie your such a pussy and I don't…"

He placed the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and started it, then turned and faced Lee. He was such a child sometimes, especially when he shared his little anecdotes, he sounded like a teenage cheerleader drowning on and on about her problems. Except Lee was more muscular, more masculine, more attractive…better in bed, just, much better in general than a preppy cheerleader. Right then, a rather unusual image flooded Mike's mind. Lee was standing in front of him with pigtails, loads of make-up, fake boobs, and a cute little cheerleading outfit on. It took all of Mike's free will not to burst out laughing at the thought.

"…you agree?"

Mike tried not to look lost, and nodded his head, hoping he would be giving the correct answer. Lee smiled and Mike let out a sigh of relief. There was a slight pause before either or them spoke.

"Lee, I'm going to go rid myself of this crusty pancake mix. Would you care to join me?" Lee smiled and stood up, walking towards Mike and linking arms with him.

"Of course, my dear. It would be my pleasure." He winked at Mike. Mike winked back and the pair walked arm in arm upstairs to the bathroom.

Mike stood next to Lee, watching him turn on the water. When the blonde was satisfied with the temperature, he turned to Mike and threw his arms around his neck, gently kissing him. Mike let his arms creep around Lee’s waist as he intensified the lip lock, letting his tongue sneak into the smaller boy’s awaiting mouth. He felt one of Lee’s arms move away from his neck, trailing down to the hem of his boxers. Two skinny fingers wiggled their way inside, tugging at the material and causing it to fall to the ground. Lee’s boxers quickly followed.

"Ladies first" Lee said as he pulled away from Mike.

"Oh, go right ahead then." Mike stepped back and gestured for Lee to enter first. Lee’s eyebrows raised and he climbed in, pulling Mike in with him. They let the water flow over them for a few minutes before Lee grabbed the shampoo and began lathering the substance into his hair. After washing out the suds, he squirted some more shampoo into his hands, and began to work his fingers into Mike’s hair.



"I’ve been thinking..."

Mike giggled, "It’s a miracle!" Lee tugged at Mike’s hair.

"I’m serious Mike. I mean, I love you so much, but I’ve been thinking about trying something that could add a whole new level of excitement to our relationship." Mike’s eyes shot open and he swiftly turned around, facing Lee with a dangerous expression.

"Wha…wait. So your bored of me? What do you mean by 'a whole new level of excitement'? What the fuck Lee? What the hell do you want to do? I…I don’t get it! I thought we were hap-"

"Mike, stop. You're missing something. I am very happy with you, I just think that we should try something new, you know, to spice things up a bit. I mean, the sex…it's great and all, but it's the same every time."

"But Lee, we change positions and stuff…"

"I know, but it's not enough Mike. You and I both need something more. Something new. Something…different." Mike looked at him quizzically.

"What do you mean, different? Are you saying we should sleep with other people?" Lee said nothing, he only bit his bottom lip. Mike's eyes widened in shock as he tried desperately to comprehend what the silence meant. "You…you're kidding right?"

"Listen, Mike-"

"No! Lee I'm not going to go out and fuck some random guy jus-"


"NO! I'm not going to willfully cheat on you so you ca-"

"Bloody hell, Mike! Would you keep quiet for 5 seconds? Please just hear me out!" Mike closed his mouth, shooting Lee a death glare. He reached behind Lee, shut off the tap, and stepped out of the shower. Lee followed suit. "I'm not saying we should randomly sleep with other people, and it wouldn't be considered adultery because we'd both be taking part in it. What I'm saying is that I think we should try a menage et trois."

Mike stopped dressing himself and looked at Lee. His expression softened. "Oh."

"The other day, when we were in the basement with the guys, you said that a menage et trois would be hot. So you have no right to be cross with me Mike."

"You're right Lee. I'm sorry I got so angry. I'm just…I mean, I was kidding about that the other day. Come on Lee, a threesome? Do you honestly think it will improve our so-called boring sex?" Mike leaned down to pick up a relatively clean shirt.

"To be honest Mike, I don't know if it would improve our regular sex, but for that one time I'm positive it would be amazing. Please Mike just try it. For me?"

"I…I don't know Lee." Mike sighed. The love that Mike shared was incredibly strong, so strong that if his lover said he wanted a severed head on his wall, Mike would gladly take a machete to the neck. Okay, so what Lee wanted in this case was much less morbid than a severed head, but it was a request none the less. Mike silently cursed himself as he felt himself give in. Deep breath. "Alright." Lee's head shot up.

"What?" Mike walked over to Lee and helped finish buttoning up his shirt.

"I said I'll do it. But only because I love you." A huge grin spread over the blonde's cheeks, and Mike leaned down to gently kiss his forehead.

"That, and you're whipped."

Mike gasped and pulled his lips away, "Am not!"

"Are too!"

"Bah…fine. Whatever you say Mr. Hotstuff."

"See what I mean? You're whipped!" Lee began to dance around, engaged in his victory dance. After a few moments he stopped and began forming letters with his arms. "W! H! I! P! P-"

"Alright! Enough already! I'm whipped!" The two men shared a laugh and Lee returned to Mike.

"Damn straight" he said as he leaned in and pressed his lips to Mike's.

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