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Chapter one of the series...

Title: Nose Over Tail
Band: Alkaline Trio
Pairing: None yet...yet
Rating: R
Author: x_wolverine_x
Summary: Matt writes something for Derek.
Disclaimer: Same old disclaimer…I don’t own anyone mentioned, this story never happened…yeah you know the drill.

Now, I don’t think Derek was in the band at the time this was written, but it’s fiction so shush.


‘Derek what the fuck are you doing?’

I opened my eyes to see Matt leaning over me. I tried to sit up but something was preventing me from doing so. It was my sleeping bag, and I appeared to be tangled in it. I also appeared to be lying on the floor.

‘What the hell happened?’ I asked, noticing Dan was laughing at me.

‘Well, you were on the bed, and now you’re on the floor’ he said, trying not to double over laughing. Matt shook his head and helped untangle me from the sleeping bag.

‘Stupid piece of fucking shitty crap ass piece of crap’ I muttered to myself. They both looked at me and chuckled.

‘Here, I wrote this last night.’ Matt handed me a piece of paper. I looked at him dumbly.

‘It’s a song, dude.’

‘Oh, cool.’ I smiled, and started to read it.

Crack my head open on your kitchen floor
To prove to you that I have brains
Meanwhile tin men are lead by little girls
Down golden roads that lead to nowhere
Fine time to fake a seizure
Feel your mouth on mine, you’re saving me
Whatever happened to that silly dream you had?
I want to make it real
I’d love to rub your back
Like a plane crash that never hits the ground
I fall in love with you
I’m nose over tail for you
You voice is like the sound of sirens to a house on fire
You’re saving me

‘Holy crap, Matt that’s awesome man.’

‘You think so?’

‘Yeah man, what made you write it?’

He got a blank look on his face, then turned away and blushed.

‘Uh...nothing really.’

‘Dude come on, you can tell me,’
‘No, it’s nothing, there’s no reason, really.’

‘Matt come on don’t lie, I know you’re lying when you say that, come on Matt tell me.’


‘Tell me.’


‘Tell me!’

‘Dude it’s nothing!’

‘Matt come on…tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me’

‘Fine! You wanna know why I wrote it? I wrote it for you Derek!’

Well, that certainly shut me up.

‘I, I’m sorry Derek, don’t hate me please.’

Silence. There’s so much I wanted to tell Matt, but I couldn’t seem to open my mouth.

‘Derek say something please.’

Silence. Tears began to form in his eyes, and he ran out of the back room, and off the bus. Why am I such a moron?
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